GS Mains Model Question & Answer : What should be the code of ethics if there would be any for the civil servants? Comment

 GS Mains Model Question & Answer :What should be the code of ethics if there would be any for the civil servants? Comment

Q. What should be the code of ethics if there would be any for the civil servants? Comment

Model Answer:

What should be the code of ethics if there would be any for the civil servants?

The objective of the Code was to prescribe standards of integrity and conduct that are to apply to public services. The salient features of the code are as follows :

1. The public services should assist the government in formulating and implementing policies and administering public services in the most effective way.

2. Employees in public services should uphold the rule of law and respect for human rights, and act solely in public interest. They must maintain the highest standards of probity and integrity.

3. They should conduct themselves in such manner that the public feels that the decisions taken or recommendations made by them are objective and transparent and are not calculated to promote improper gains for the political party in power, for themselves, or for any third party.

4. They should not seek to frustrate or undermine the policies, decisions and action taken in public interest by Government by declining or abstaining from action.

5. Where an employee in public service has reasonable grounds to believe that he or she is being required by superior authority to act in a manner which is illegal or against prescribed rules and regulations, he should decline to implement the instructions. He will have right to bring the fact to the notice of superior authority.

6. Conflict of Interest : Employees in public service should refrain from decisions; i) which are calculated to benefit any particular person or party at the expense of the public interest; ii) shall disclose any clash of interest when there is conflict between public interest and private interest.

7. They should maintain their independence and dignity and impartiality by not approaching politicians and outsiders in respect of service matters or private benefits, and exercise peer pressure to dissuade those within their own cadre who do so and to set in motion disciplinary proceedings against such persons.

8. Accountability to Citizens : i) Employees in public services should be accessible to the people and practice accountability to them in terms of quality of service, timeliness, courtesy, people orientation, and readiness to encourage participation and form partnership with citizen groups for responsive government ii) they should be consistent, equitable and honest in their treatment of the members of the public, iii) they should accept obligation to recognize and enforce citizen’s right for speedy redressal of their grievance.

9. They should have concern for public assets and funds, avoid wastage and extravagance and ensure effective and efficient use of public money within their control.

10. Non- abuse of official position : Employees in public services have a responsibility to take decisions on merits, as they are in a position of trust, they must not use their official position to influence any person to enter into financial or other arrangements with them or any one else.

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