UPSC MAINS TOPIC WISE PAPER :  International Relations 


UPSC MAINS TOPIC WISE PAPER :  International Relations  

  1. ‘Indian diaspora has a decisive role to play in the politics and economy of America and European Countries’. Comment with examples. (UPSC 2020)
  2. ‘The time has come for India and Japan to build a strong contemporary relationship, one involving global and strategic partnership that will have a great significance for Asia and the world as a whole.’ Comment. (UPSC 2019)
  3. “The long-sustained image of India as a leader of the oppressed and marginalised Nations has disappeared on account of its new-found role in the emerging global order”. Elaborate. (UPSC 2019)
  4. “What introduces friction into the ties between India and the United States is that Washington is still unable to find for India a position in its global strategy, which would satisfy India’s National self- esteem and ambitions” Explain with suitable examples. (UPSC 2019)
  5. In what ways would the ongoing US-Iran Nuclear Pact Controversy affect the national interest of India? How should India respond to this situation? (UPSC 2018)
  6. ‘India’s relations with Israel have, of late, acquired a depth and diversity, which cannot be rolled back.” Discuss. (USPC 2018)
  7. The question of India’s Energy Security constitutes the most important part of India’s economic progress. Analyze India’s energy policy cooperation with West Asian Countries. (UPSC 2017)
  8. Indian Diaspora has an important role to play in South-East Asian countries’ economy and society. Appraise the role of Indian Diaspora in South- East Asia in this context (UPSC 2017)
  9. Evaluate the economic and strategic dimensions of India’s Look East Policy in the context of the post-Cold War international scenario. (UPSC 2016)
  10. Increasing interest of India in Africa has its pros and cons. Critically examine. (UPSC 2015)
  11. Discuss the impediments India is facing in its pursuit of a permanent seat in UN Security Council.(UPSC 2015)
  12. Project `Mausam' is considered a unique foreign policy initiative of the Indian Government to improve relationship with its neighbors. Does the project have a strategic dimension? Discuss.(UPSC 2015)
  13. Terrorist activities and mutual distrust have clouded India-Pakistan relations. To what extent the use of soft power like sports and cultural exchanges could help generate goodwill between the two countries? Discuss with suitable examples.(UPSC 2015)
  14. With respect to the South China sea, maritime territorial disputes and rising tension affirm the need for safeguarding maritime security to ensure freedom of navigation and over flight throughout the region. In this context, discuss the bilateral issues between India and China.(UPSC 2014)
  15. The aim of Information Technology Agreements (ITAs) is to lower all taxes and tariffs on information technology products by signatories to zero. What impact should such agreements have on India's interests? (UPSC 2014)
  16. Some of the International funding agencies have special terms for economic participation stipulating a substantial component of the aid to be used for sourcing equipment from the leading countries. Discuss on merits of such terms and if, there exists a strong case not to accept such conditions in the Indian context.(UPSC 2014)
  17. India has recently signed to become founding a New Development Bank (NDB) and also the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) .How will the role of the two Banks be different? Discuss the significance of these two Banks for India.(UPSC 2014)
  18. WTO is an important international institution where decisions taken affect countries in profound manner. What is the mandate of WTO and how binding are their decisions? Critically analyse India's stand on the latest round of talks on Food security.(UPSC 2014)
  19. The proposed withdrawal of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) from Afghanistan in 2014 is fraught with major security implications for the countries of the region. Examine in light of the fact that India is faced with a plethora of challenges and needs to safeguard its own strategic interests.(UPSC 2013)
  20. What do you understand by The String of Pearls'? How does it impact India? Briefly outline the steps taken by India to counter this.(UPSC 2013)
  21. Economic ties between India and Japan while growing in the recent years are still far below their potential. Elucidate the policy constraints which are inhibiting this growth.(UPSC 2013)
  22. The protests in Shahbag Square in Dhaka in Bangladesh reveal a fundamental split in society between the nationalists and Islamic forces. What is its significance for India?(UPSC 2013) 
  23. Discuss the political developments in Maldives in the last two years. Should they be of any cause of concern to India?(UPSC 2013)
  24. In respect of India - Sri Lanka relations, discuss how domestic factors influence foreign policy.(UPSC 2013)
  25. What is meant by Gujral doctrine? Does it have any relevance today? Discuss.(UPSC 2013)
  26. The World Bank and the IMF, collectively known as the Bretton Woods Institutions, are the two inter-governmental pillars supporting the structure of the world's economic and financial order. Superficially, the World Bank and the IMF exhibit many common characteristics, yet their role, functions and mandate are distinctly different. Elucidate.(UPSC 2013)
  27. What is meant by the G8+5 group?(UPSC 2012)
  28. What are India's stakes in the South China Sea?(UPSC 2012)
  29. Compare the significance of IBSA and BRICS in the context of India's multilateral diplomacy.(UPSC 2012)
  30. How have the US sanctions against Iran affected India's bilateral relations with Iran?(UPSC 2012)
  31. Write a short analytical note on Indian Diaspora. How is the "New Diaspora" different from the "Old Diaspora"?(UPSC 2012)
  32. Does Putin's return as President of Russia mark a shift to a confrontationist stance in international diplomacy towards the West?(UPSC 2012)
  33. Do you think that China's emergence as one of the largest trading partners of India had adversely affected the settlement of the outstanding border problem?(UPSC 2012)
  34. Discuss the contentious issues that have caused the prolonged constitutional logjam in Nepal.(UPSC 2012)
  35. The situation today is far different to that prevalent fifty years back when the Indus Water Treaty was signed." Highlight the complexity of the current challenges on both sides of the border in this regard. Do you think that a review of the Treaty is in India's best interests?(UPSC 2012)
  36. List the Central Asian Republics and identify those of particular strategic and economic importance to India. Examine the opportunities and bottlenecks in enhancing relations with these countries.(UPSC 2011)
  37. Critically examine the security and strategic implications of the so-called 'string of pearls' theory for India.(UPSC 2011)
  38. "Compared to the South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA), the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multisectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation Free Trade Area (BIMSTEC FTA) seems to be more promising." Critically  evaluate.(UPSC 2011)
  39. Measures taken by the Indian government to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean.(UPSC 2011)
  40. Subsequent to the Nuclear Suppliers' Group (NSG) waiver in 2008, what are the agreements on nuclear energy that India has signed with different countries?(UPSC 2011)
  41. Trace the progress of India's efforts for a joint counter-terrorism strategy with China. What are the likely implications of the recent Xinjiang violence on these efforts?(UPSC 2011)
  42. Bring out the importance of the 'Small and Medium Enterprises Expo and Conference' held in Dubai last year for Indian business.(UPSC 2011)
  43. What are the salient features of the political and economic relationship between India and South Africa? (UPSC 2011)
  44. Strategies adopted by Colombia to eliminates its drug cartels .(UPSC 2011)
  45. World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations (UN).(UPSC 2011)
  46. Sculpture of the broken chair in front of the UN building at Geneva(UPSC 2011)
  47. "As regards the increasing rates of melting of Arctic Sea ice, the interests of the Arctic Council nations may not coincide with those of the wider world." Explain.(UPSC 2011)
  48. Is there still a role for the concept of balance of power in contemporary international politics? Discuss.(UPSC 2011)
  49. "Strategic interests seem to be replacing commercial interests for the host country with regard to Cam Ranh Bay." Amplify.(UPSC 2011)
  50. To what extent has the withdrawal of al-Shabab from Mogadishu given peace a real chance in Somalia? Assess.(UPSC 2011)



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