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AP PSC Group-1 2017 Exam Paper with Answer Keys

AP PSC Group-1 2017 Exam Paper with Answer Keys

1. Which number does one have to call in Andhra Pradesh to utilize the services of Talli Bidda Express?

(1) 108

(2) 106

(3) 104

(4) 102

Correct Answer: (4) 

2. What is the objective of the “Badikosta” scheme started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh?

(1) To minimize dropout rate of girl students from high school.

(2) To promote bicycle as a mode environmentally-friendly transport  for students

(3) To provide bicycles at low cost to girl students

(4) To provide incentive to teachers for getting girl students enrolled in school

Correct Answer: (1)

3. As per the expectations of ISRO, which rocket would be a “Game Changer”  in operations of ISRO?

(1) GSLV-Mk-II-D2

(2) GSLV-Mk-III-D1

(3) GSLV-Mk-IV-D1

(4) GSLV-Mk-III-D2

Correct Answer: (2)

4) National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28th February to mark the

(1) Discovery of life in plants by J.C Bose

(2) Launch of the Aryabhatta satellite

(3) Commissioning for the first nuclear reactor “Apsara”.

(4) Discovery of “Raman Effect” by C.V Raman.

Correct Answer: (4)

5. Out of Options below, which types of activities are taken up under the Neeru Programme by Government of AP?

(1) Tree plantation in government buildings

(2) Desiltation of minor irrigation tanks and channels

(3) Development of parks and community groves


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