(Download) UPSC IAS Mains Optional Philosophy (Paper -1 & Paper -2) Exam Paper - 2016

(Download) UPSC IAS Mains Optional Philosophy (Paper -1 & Paper -2) Exam Paper - 2016

  • Exam Name: UPSC IAS Mains
  • Year: 2016
  • Subject: Philosophy

Philosophy  Paper 1

1. Answer the following in about 150 words each : 10x5=50 marks

(a) What is the logical necessity for Lock to introduce the concept of secondary qualities? Give reasons for your answer.
(b) Examine Kant's criticism on Descartes' view of Self.
(c) Why does Wittgenstein reject the possibility of private language?
(d) Explain verification theory. Does it lead to elimination of metaphysics?
(e) Discuss Quine's attack on the analytic-synthetic distinction.

2.(a) Does Aristotle treat matter as a 'Substance'? Give reasons for your answer. 20 marks
(b) Critically examine Hume's views on the relation of cause and effect.  15 marks
(c) Discuss Sartre's notion of "Nothingness'. 15 marks

3.(a) Does Plato's Theory of Form' explain the change' and 'sensibility' of matter? Give reasons for your answer. 20 marks
(b) What, according to Kant, are 'pure concepts"? Examine their role in the process of knowing. 15 marks
(c) Explain Russell's view that the physical object is a logical construction from sensedata". Why does he call his metaphysical view "neutral monist'? 15 marks

4.(a) What, according to Husserl, is the task of a philosopher? Do you think his methods are relevant to philosophy? Discuss.  20 marks
(b) What is Hegel's view on God? Do you think that his interpretation of God was contributive to the colonial and imperial expansionist designs? Explain.  15 marks
(c) Discuss the various stances on God taken by Rationalists and Empiricists. 15 marks


5. Answer the following in about 150 words each : 10x5=50 marks

(a) Differentiate the concept of 'Kaivalya' as discussed in Jaina and Yoga philosophies.
(b) How does 'Ksanikavada' strengthen the arguments for 'Nairātmyavāda'? Explain.
(c) Critically examine the role of "Praktti' in the process of evolution.
(d) Examine Jaina stance of 'Naya'. How does it differ from 'Syūdvāda"?
(e) Evaluate Sankara's position on īśvara.

6.(a) Does the 'Doctrine of Dependent Origination' reconcile the two extreme views on the law of causation, namely Satkāryavāda and Asatkāryavāda? Give reasons for your answer. 20 marks
(b) Can the 'Tattvārtha' theory of Jainism be acceptable for scientific explanations? Explain. 15 marks
(c) Is the doctrine of 'Self acceptable in the modern age of science and reason? Examine the view in the light of Indian philosophy. 15 marks

7.(a) Discuss Aurobindo's views on 'Evolution' and 'Involution'. How do they differ from traditional Yoga philosophy? 20 marks
(b) What would be Cārvāka's view on Vyāpti? Can this view be acceptable to the Naiyāyikas? Give reasons for your answer. 15 marks
(c) What is the logical necessity for the Mimamsakas to treat 'Arthāpatti' as an independent Pramāna? Discuss. 15 marks

8.(a) How do the Naiyāyikas justify the introduction of "Abhāva' as an independent category? Explain. 20 marks
(b) What are Klešas? How can these be eliminated? Explain. 15 marks
(c) Give a critical exposition of the concept of 'Brahman' as discussed by Sankara, Rāmānuja and Mādhava. 15 marks

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Philosophy Paper 2


1. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each: 10x5=50 marks

(a) In what ways psychological tests are useful in assessing individual differences ? Answer with examples. 10  marks
(b) How can psychological well-being of service professionals be promoted ? Discuss. 10 marks
(c) Is Herzberg's theory relevant for understanding work motivation in Indian organizations? Explain. 10 marks
(d) Examine some important psychological principles underlying effective teaching learning process. 10 marks
(e) Discuss the usefulness of small groups in community interventions for social development. 10 marks

2.(a) Examine the role of situational factors in criminal behaviour. 15 marks
(b) Analyze the factors determining the efficacy of psychological tests. Discuss the limitations in the use of psychological tests. 15 marks
(c) Discuss how the process of group decision making can be used effectively in bringing about social change. 20 marks

3.(a) Evaluate the role of social agencies in rehabilitation of mentally and socially challenged persons. 15 marks
(b) How is competency mapping made use of for human resource development in modern organizations ? Illustrator. 15 marks
(c) Discuss the salient features of psychodynamic therapies and evaluate their role in the prevention of mental illnesses. 20 marks

4.(a) Critically evaluate whether the principles of participatory management are equally effective in bureaucratic organizations as in industrial organizations. 15  marks
(b) How do lifestyle variables influence quality of life of an individual in different life domains ? 15  marks
(c) What psychological factors will explain lack of social integration involving religious groups in India ? Discuss. 20 marks

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5. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each :10x5=50 marks

(a) Discuss the efficacy of behaviour therapies in the prevention of mental illnesses. 10  marks
(b) What biological factors explain mental disorders ? Discuss. 10 marks
(c) Illustrate the significance of value education in schools and comment on its relevance for personality development of children. 10  marks
(d) Discuss the role of psychologists in organizing tertiary level rehabilitation programmes.  10 marks
(e) What role can media play in the promotion of small family norm in the Indian culture ? 10 marks

6.(a) Does need for affiliation come in the way of economic development of the tribal people ? Discuss. 15  marks
(b) Evaluate the psychological consequences of social media in interpersonal relationships 15 marks
(c) What role can psychologists play in the development and implementation of the "Skill India' scheme of the Government of India ? 20 marks

7.(a) How can psychological theories be put to use to inoculate people against their impulsive buying behaviour ? 15 marks
(b) Discuss the role of cognitive and behaviour therapies in improving the performance of sports persons. 15 marks
(c) Analyze the impact of crowding on mental health. Discuss the psychological measures that can be adopted to reduce the stress resulting from crowding. 20  marks

8.(a) What factors account for gender differences in India? Suggest some psychological measures to reduce gender differences. 15 marks
(b) How can human engineering be put to use in devising instruments that are used by the defence personnel posted in the border areas ? Discuss.  15 marks
(c) Discuss the process of prejudice formation. State the psychological strategies that can be adopted for conflict resolution. 20 marks

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