Economic & Commercial Geography of India Class-X (K.T. Merchant)

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Table of Contents :


  • Definition of Economic and Commercial Geography--Purpose of Studying Economic and Commercial Geography of India

Chapter 1

  • Physical Environment  
  • Location, Size and Area-Natural Regions-Climatic Zones and Distribution of Rainfall-Soils and Soil Regions

Chapter 2

  • Population     
  • Distribution of Population-Density-Factors Influencing Density-Pressure of Population-Characteristics of Indian Population-Languages in India

Chapter 3

  • Agriculture    
  • Land Utilization-Types of Agriculture-Agricultural Operations-Crop Seasons-Cropping Methods-Variety of Crops-Reasons for Low OutputFood Production and Five Year Plans-Measures for Improving Food Position

Chapter 4

  • Some Important Agricultural Crops    
  • Food Crops--Rice-Wheat--Milets-Jowar--Bajra-Barley-Maize, Pulses-Gram-Lentil and Arhar-Tea-Collet-Tobacco-Sugarcane-NonFood Crops--Jute-Mesta--Cotton-Oilseeds-Linseed-Mustard and Rapeseed--Groundout-Sesamum-Castor Seed-Coconut and Copra-Cotton-Seed-Rubber-Conclusion 

Chapter 5

  • Irrigation Works and Multi-purpose Projects 
  • Importance of Irgation in India-Irrigation in India - Natural Physical Factors in Irrigation-- India's Water Resources-Areas in Need of IrrigationMethods of Irrigation-Canals, Wells, Tanks-Progress of Irrigation in India Causes of Understation of nation Facilities Floods and Water Logging -The Multi-purpose River Valley Prop S ome Major River Valley Projects-Demodar Valley Corporation Project-The Kos Project --The Tunghadra Project The Bhake and Nanal Project The Nations sagar Project -The Rihand Valley Project -The Narmada Project --The Kakrapara Project The Ukai Project-Conclusion

Chapter 6

  • Forests and Forest Products    
  • Distribution of Forests in India-Types of Forests --Importance of Forests Products of Forests--Export of Forest Products Conservation Measures

Chapter 7

  • Livestock
  • Importance of Livestock-Types of Livestock Cattle-Sheep -GoatsMules-Mones and CarlAnmal Products in India Hides and Skin Milk and Butter-Gee-Poultry

Chapter 8

  • Fisheries in India
  • Importance of Fisheries-Chief Sources of Fisheries in India-Production Areas of Production Deltaic Fisheries-Fresh Water Fishing Grounds Utilization Export-Import Conclusion

Chapter 9

  • Mineral Resources 
  • Importance-Classification Production-Ferrous Metals-Iron-Manganese -Chromite Tunten Non-ferrous Metals Copper Gold Silver-Antimony-Land-Zinc-Bauite-Non-metallic Minerals-Mica-GypsumGraphite-Limestone-Dolomute-Salt-Salpetre-Other Minerals-Comdurio

Chapter 10

  • Power and Energy Resources  
  • Categories of Natural Sources of Power-General Consideration about the Sources of Power-Relative Importance of sources of Power-Wood Fuel Wind Power--Synthetic Fuel Oil-Nuclear Power-Coal-Petroleum-Atomic Energy-Water-Power-Conclusion

Chapter 11

  • Manufacturing Industries    
  • Classification of Industries-Structure of Industries-Location of Industries Industrial Rep l a ce in Industrialization Types of Manufacturing Industries in India-Small-scale and Village Indust Food Industries Sugar Industry-Tea Industry-Coffee Industry

Chapter 12

  • Some Major Manufacturing Industries 
  • Metallurgical and Engineering Industries-Iron and Steel Industry-Engineering Industries-Automobile Industry--Locomotive Industry Ship-building Industry-Aircraft Industry-Textile Industries-Cotton Textile Industry ---Jute Mill Industry-Woollen Textile Industry-The Silk Industry-Chemical and Allied Industries-Paper Industry Chemcal Industry-Cement IndustryGlass and Ceramic Industries-Conclusion

Chapter 13

  • The Transport System in India
  • Importance-Modes of Transport-Rail Transport-Road Transport-Watu Transport-Shipping-Air Transport-Conclusion

Chapter 14

  • Foreign Trade
  • India's Share in World Trade-Export Trade-Value of Exported Commodaties-Export Markets-Export Promotion Drive-Import Trade-Its characteristics-Value of Imported Commodities–Balance of Trade 'Entrepot' Trade-Conclusion

Chapter 15

  • Ports and Trade Centres    
  • Ports and Trade Centres—Their Importance-Types of Ports in India Principal Ports-Handling Capacity of Major Ports-Major Ports on the Western Coast--Kandla, Bombay, Morgan, Cochin-Major Ports on Eastern Coast-Madras, Visakhapatnam, Calcutta— Trade Centres-Principal Trade Centres in various States Uttar Pradesh-Punjab and Haryana-West Bengal-Madhya Pradesh- Maharashtra-Gujarat-Tamil Nadu-DelhiOrissa - Rajasthan - Mysore - Jammu & Kashmir - Kerala - Andhra Pradesh-Assam Bihar

Chapter 16

  • Planning and India's Economic Development
  •  Development under the First Fre Year Plan-Major Craps-Industrial Production-Development of Transport-The Second Five Year PlanThird Five Year Plan-Targets under the Fourth Plan

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