Gist of Important Articles from IIPA Journal (Collection of Last 25 years)

Gist of Important Articles from Indian Journal of Public Administration (Collection of Last 25 years)

Dear Aspirants
All articles are collection from the last 25 years journals of Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi.


The Indian Institute of Public Administration(IIPA), a governmental autonomous academic institution established under the Registration of Societies Act to undertake, organize and facilitate study courses, conferences and lectures and research in matters relating to public administration and the machinery of government.


Role of IIPA right from its establishment was to decide the trend and curriculum of Public Administration at the level of UPSC-IAS and University education and now in year 2013 when more than 50% syllabus of General Studies Mains is directly related to theory and practices of Public Administration then how one can ignore its relevance.

Also in past years questions in IAS directly came in Public Administration and Essay Paper from the articles of journals of IIPA and year 2013 General Studies will also not be an exception.

Taking the road everyone else is treading upon is the easiest thing to do . But it will never give you competitive advantage and Cutting edge over others. This Booklet is a Success path, an edge over all the other aspirants of Civil Service examination not only for reading but also developing a “feel” with the new Syllabus of UPSC – IAS. It is equally useful for State Civil Services aspirants.

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Highly Useful for

(a) Public Administration Optional

(b) General Studies Mains Paper II : Governance , Constitution , Polity and Social Justice (Excluding International relations).
General Studies Mains Paper III : Economic Development , Environment Security and Disaster Management (Excluding Technology and Bio Diversity).
General Studies Mains Paper IV : Ethics , Integrity and Aptitude.

(c) Political Science Mains Optional.

(d) Essay Paper

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(a) Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

  • Ethics – The Other Name for Good Governance- R.C Sekhar(July-September 1998)
  • Changing Administrative Values in India-V.Subramaniam(July-September 1997)
  • Ethics and Administration-Shekhar Singh(July-September 1997)
  • Galloping Corruption : Need for effective Vigilance-U.C.Agarwal(July-September 1997)
  • Ethics in Public Administration-Bata K.Dey
  • Corruption and Need to Curb it-P.D. Malaviya
  • Ethical Empowerment as Social and Political Reform-A Ranga Reddy

(b) Disaster Management

  • Natural Disaster Management in India-Vinod K.Sharma(July-September 1997)
  • Managing Natural Resources for Disaster Reduction-A.D.Kaushik and Rituraj
  • Governance and Sustainability of Post – Disaster Initiatives-Pramod K Mishra

(c) Constitution, Polity and Governance

  • Role and Functioning of Election Commission of India-M.S Gill(July-September 1997)
  • Central Vigilance Commission-P.K.Gopinath(July-September 1997)
  • Indian Finance Commissions-G.Thimmaiah(July-September 1997)
  • Role of CAG in India-V.K.Shunglu(July-September 1997)
  • Public Sector in Independent India-Suresh Kumar(July-September 1997)
  • Recent Initiatives for Administrative Reform in India-P.S.A.Sundaram(July-September 1997)
  • Criminalisation of Politics Beyond Vohra Committee-P.R.Dubhashi
  • Sustainable Development-R.Rajamani
  • Right to Information Regime in India-Sapna Chadah(January-March 2006)
  • Governance’ from the Grassroots Perspective-P.Raghu Ram(October-December 2006)
  • Globalisations, Governance & the State-Furquan Ahmad and Akhtar Ali(April-June 2008)
  • The Working of Panchayati Raj-S A Palekar(January-March 2009)
  • People’s Empowerment-Arvind K. Sharma
  • Indian Judiciary and Challenges of 21st Century-A.S.Anand
  • Opening Government for Public Scrutiny-R.B.Jain
  • Indian Federalism and Role of Governor-Sudhanshu Tripathi
  • Indian Party System towards Coalition Governance-R.K.Poonia,P.S.Malik and Saroj Malik
  • HRD Measures for Effective Governance-Bharti Sharma
  • Governance for Development-B.G.Deshmukh
  • Voluntary Association and Development-Bidyut Chakrabarty
  • People’s Participation in Governance-E.Vayanandan and Dolly Mathew
  • Constitutional Head of State without Constitutional Security-Priti Saxena
  • Sustainable Development : The concept and policy perspectives-N.R.Inamdar (July-September 1993)
  • Environmentalism, Ecology and Voluntary Movement-Harsh Sethi(July-September 1987)

(d) Public Administration

  • Prime Minister’s Office-B.G Deshmukh(July-September 1997)
  • Welfare Administration in India-R.K.Barik(July-September 1997)
  • Administration of Urban development-M.N.Buch(July-September 1997)
  • Sociological Theory and Concepts in Public Administration-A.P.Barnadas
  • Police Reforms-T.Ananthachari
  • Public Services in India-U.C.Agarwal(July-September 2006)
  • Restructuring of Municipal Services in India-Awadhesh Kumar Singh(July-September 2006)
  • Efficiency in Administration-R D Sharma(January-March 2007)
  • Role of IT and E – Governance in effective delivery of Public Service-Inderjeet Singh Sodhi(October-December 2007)
  • Public Private Partnerships in India-T.N.Dhar(July-September 2008)
  • Value Based Capacity Building through E – Administration-Sangeeta Sharma(January-March 2009)
  • Citizen’s charter- R.B. Jain
  • Law and Order for Good Governance-O.P.Tandon
  • The Challenges of Globalisation for Civil Servants-P.R.Ramaswamy
  • Zero Base Budgeting : Re-emphasized in India-Nand Dhameja
  • Role of All India Services in Centre state Relations-U.C.Agarwal
  • Public Services in India : Neutrality Vs Commitment-Ahmad Shamshad
  • Privatisation and Public Enterprises in India-C V Raghavulu
  • Police and Good Governance-Ved Marwah
  • Five Decades of Planning-Ahmad Shamshad
  • Rural Development Schemes-P C Mishra
  • The Role of Government as a Regulator- O P Minocha

(e) Social Issues

  • Women and Empowerment-Shanta Kohli Chandra(July-September 1997)
  • Reservation Policy in India-S.R.Maheshwari(July-September 1997)
  • Social Mobilisation for empowering Rural Poor through SHGs-T.Medhabati Devi and N.Upadhyay(October-December 2008)
  • Gender Budgeting to Gender Mainstreaming-Shalini Rajneesh(October-December 2008)

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