Gist of Important National Administrative Committees Report

Gist of Important National Administrative Committees Report

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This booklet is gist of repository of selected important reports pertaining to Indian Administration and society on issues like Ethics, Integrity and aptitude; disaster management; centre-state relations; civil services and governance. These Committees and Commissions are formed time to time as per the requirement of the administrative situation.

Behind the formation of all administrative committees the main agency is Ministry of Personnel, Government of India, which one is also recruitment agency for IAS. That is why before introduction of ‘Ethics,Integrity and Aptitude’ in General Studies syllabus of IAS,Ministry of Personnel launched distance learning programme on ‘Values in Administration’. So how can one ignore the reports of the administrative committees formed by Ministry of Personnel on such core issues covering the Mains syllabus of UPSC-IAS.

Like inclusion of ‘Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude’ in General Studies is not an instant decision but outcome of several developments and at present society Corruption is an issue in both public and private life.After Independence several committees like Gorwala Committee, Appleby Committee, Santhanam Committees,First and Second ARC were formed in India to address the issues of Ethics,Integrity and Aptitude.

On Disaster Management the third report of ARC-II “Crisis Management from despair to hope” worked well.

On Centre-State relations First ARC,Sarkaria Commission and Punchhi commission is memorable.

On Civil Services report of Surinder Nath,B.N Yugandhar and P C Hota is quite popular since its formation.

On issues of Governance ,1st ,2nd ,6th ,11th and 12th reports of Second ARC(Administrative Reforms Commission) can be mentioned.

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Section – A

On Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

(a) A.D. Gorwala Committee Report on Public Administration (1951)
(b) Paul Appleby Committee Report on Public Administration in India(1953)
(c) Santhanam Committee on Prevention of Corruption (1962)
(d) (First) Administrative Reforms Commission (1966-72)
(e) (Second) Administrative Reforms Commission – (Fourth report) Ethics in Governance (2007).

Section – B

On Disaster Management

(a) (Second) Administrative Reforms Commission – (third) Report – Crisis Management from despair to hope(2006)

Section – C

On Centre – State Relations

(a) (First) Administrative Reforms Commission on Centre – State Relations(1966-72)
(b) Sarkaria Commission (First Commission on Centre – State Relations) (1983 - 87).
(c) Punchhi Commission (Second Commission on Centre – State Relations)(2007-10)

Section – D

On Civil Services

(a) Surinder Nath Committee on present system of performance appraisal,promotions and lateral movement in AIS and other Group A services(2002)
(b) B.N Yugandhar Committee to review the In-service training programs of IAS officers,2003
(c) P.C Hota Committee on Civil services reforms(2004)

Section – E

On Governance (Second ) Administrative Reforms Commission

(a) (1st Report) – Right to Information : Master Key to Good Governance(2006)
(b) (2nd Report)- Unlocking Human Capital : Entitlements and Governance(2006)
(c) (6th Report)- Local Governance – An Inspiring Journey into Future(2007)
(d) (11th Report)- Promoting E – Governance – The Smart way Forward(2009)
(e) (12th Report)- Citizen centre Administration – The Heart of Governance(2009)

Section – F

(a) Case Studies on Ethics , Integrity and Aptitude.

Courtesy: Ministry of Home, GOI Ministry of Personnel, GOI Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA)

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