List & Strategy of NCERT Books for IAS Preliminary

List & Strategy of NCERT Books for IAS Preliminary

NCERT books are important books for civil services preparation. These books play an important role in concept building. Before reading text books one needs to understand the basic concepts of all the subjects and NCERT books are important books for basic concept.

Only after finish reading NCERT books one should start reading text books.

The effective reading of NCERT books is very important.

  • First reading of NCERT books should be basic reading like a novel, one should get the feel of the content while reading. Involvement while reading in one go can be helpful in getting things into subconscious memory.
  • In second reading conscious effort should be paid in understanding things one has already read. In fact students would be surprised to find new things which somehow got missed in the first stage. Think and introspect 10–20% of you time while reading. You should also highlight and make small indications in the book itself.
  • After second reading one should make a synopsis of 5–8 pages(Total) based on your understanding of concepts read. This should be for all the NCERTs. One can make flow chart and note important concepts in synopsis.
  • Note down the important terms while reading NCERT books.
  • Revise the underlined concepts twice compared the ones you find easier to recall. Memorize the ones highlighted using a bold dot.
  • While reading NCERT books don’t just read them also during the raeding focus on brainstorming. If you are reading some chaptor for 20 minutes then at least give 10 minutes to think about the topic you are read.


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